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If you recommend a ferret book or magazine that we don't have listed, let us know! E-mail us...



There are tons of books about ferrets - some of which I've reviewed here - but after a lot of time and research I've found that most of the books out there have incorrect information. The only book that's really correct is Ferrets for Dummies. It's educative, helpful, and has been proven correct and truthful by many knowledgeable, long-time ferret owners and ferret shelters.

Ferrets For Dummies
By Kim Schilling, 1st or 2nd edition
This book (2nd. edition is more up-to-date) is great and tells you basically everything about ferrets and their needs. It has colorful, cute ferret photos and fun little tips sprinkled all through-out the book. From treat and food recipes to first-aid kits to fun games, this book keeps you informed about your ferret's needs. This book is very thick and contains lots of good info. Of all the ferret books I've read, this one is the best!



Ferrets U.S.A.
This magazine is available in petsmart and most other animal stores that sell ferret stuff. Though they are mostly for new ferret owners, they also include good info like a listing of all ferret clubs and vets in U.S.A. They also have interesting articles, for example, they had an article called "Test your ferret's I.Q.", which we enjoyed.

This magazine is smaller than the one mentioned above but has fun articles, quizes, and how to find the right vet, etc. It has mostly the same content as Ferrets U.S.A. does, but does not have an index of ferret clubs and vets, though Ferrets has several Q&As. This magazine has gone 100% "green" and they no longer print monthly magazines. You can go to their website for ferret news, contests, fun articles, and more. www.smallanimalchannel.com