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Ferret Friends Fellowship

 Ferret Friends Fellowship    

Welcome to Ferret Friend Fellowship's website!
We are very excited to have celebrated our
9th anniversary in February 2017!
Comments, suggestions, or questions? Please contact us!

If you are interested in joining, please go to the “contact us” page where it explains how to join. You don't need to own a ferret to join, though previous experience with ferrets is prefered.

This is a club for ferret owners and fans to get together and share advice and stories. Our goal is to advance awareness of ferrets, make ferrets and ferret ownership more popular, and to be a resource for people interested in ferrets.

Ferrets are allowed at meetings, but only if invited. We also enjoy having small get-togethers (or ferret “play dates”) of ferret owners and their ferrets. NOTE: Ferrets must be indoors for two weeks before meetings, must have no contact with animals who have been outside, and be 100% healthy. Also, ferrets should not have been exposed to ECE or ADV. Proof of Distemper shots are in some cases necessary. This is all to prevent viruses from spreading, as nobody wants their ferret(s) to come home sick.