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Alligator Roll
When a ferret grabs another ferret by the neck and flips the ferret onto it's back. Both fuzzys then rapidly roll and wrestle about.

As in, A business of ferrets, meaning a group or pack of ferrets.

Ferrets come from the order Carnivora, which means "Meat or flesh eating." Within Carnivora, the ferrets belong to the Mustelidae family.

Carpet Shark
What most ferrets do when they see a carpet, to swim on or under a carpet in the manner of a shark.

To chuckle in play; a sign of pleasure, happiness in ferrets.

A documentary of a ferret, ferret owner, or fan.

A term meaning a ferret parent/owner. (Though we all know that ferrets own their humans, not the other way around!)

Ferret flounce
The weasel war dance or dance of joy, to flounce and bounce. (NOTE: Ferrets are professional dancers. Do not try this dance yourself. Attempting these dance moves at home can cause irreparable damage to your skeletal structure and harm your ego!)

A hater of ferrets.

The lineage of a ferret, as in a family tree.

Ferret Fraternity
Brotherhood of ferrets.

A term of endearment for ferrets, often used by loving ferret owners.

A nick-name for sweet ferrets.

A sweet name for ferrets, used by loving ferret owners.

A baby ferret, (a kit), a very cute little ferret.

Utopia for ferrets, a world filled with hammocks, treats, and ferret-friendly folk!

Grass Shark
What most ferrets do when they see grass, to swim on grass like a shark.

Liquid fur
A term used by some ferret owners to describe the fluid movements ferrets make, often making them seem like their bones are made of liquid or jelly.

Mustela Putorius Furo
The domestic ferret's current scientific name. Mustela means "Weasel" or "Mouse killer". Putorius comes from the Latin word Putoris, meaning "Stench". And Furo is derived from the Latin word Furis, meaning "Thief". All in all, the ferret's scientific name ammounts to "Stinky mouse-killing thief." Today's ferret, however, is much more likely to be a cuddly, cute, fuzzbutt.

Ferrets belong to the family Mustelidae (within the order Carnivora). Other animals in the Mustelidae family include: the Black-footed ferret, European polecat, mink, weasel, badger, marten, and sea otter.