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Ferret Friends Fellowship

 Ferret Friends Fellowship  

If you have ferret pictures you would like to see up on our website, please e-mail them to us. No attachments, please. Our e-mail address is listed on the contact us page.


photo of Duncan
Duncan, Zoi's breeder ferret, with his 1st place in Champagne Specialty at the Midwest Ferret Fellowship Faire.
(Grand Rapids, MI)


photo of Misha & Kit Kat
Two of Zoi's ferrets, Kit Kat and Misha, at GCFA's 2010 ferret show. (Villa Park, IL)


photo of Ashley and Zoi
February 2011 ferret meeting.
9 ferrets attended!


photo of Staci and Zoi
Staci w/ ferret Murphy, and Zoi w/ ferret Duncan at AFA's 2010 Ferret Buckeye Bash. (Columbus, OH)


photo of Zoi with ferrets
Zoi, president and founder of the club,
w/ her boys Duncan, Freddy, & Misha.
Sept 2010.


photo of Duncan
Zoi w/ her breeder ferret, Duncan,
and his breeder, Pam.
He's 7 weeks old here - June 2010.


photo of ferrets
Ten happy ferrets drinking 'tone at the
June 2010 ferret meeting.


photo of Misha
One of Zoi's ferrets, Misha, being judged at the 2010 Ferret Fiesta. (Milwaukee, WI.)


photo of Kristina and Zoi
March 2010 club meeting.


photo of Ashley, Zoi, and Kristen
January 2010 club meeting.


photo of Zoi, Kristina, and Zach
Fall 2008 club meeting.


photo of Kristen and Zoi
Winter 2008 club meeting.